SIA - Startup Investor Accelerator
17 October 2023
On the 17th of October we were joined by John Sechrest, founder of SIA - Start Investor Accelerator, to have a discussion regarding Product Market Fit. It was a pleasure to receive such a group of like minden professionals, listening and helping eachother understand the fundementals of running a business.

BCN investors

On the 17th of October we were joined by John Sechrest to have a discussion regarding Product Market Fit. Discussing the point where a company's product perfectly addresses the needs of its target audience, resulting in strong customer satisfaction, retention, and growth.
As an entrepreneurial collaborator, John focuses on entrepreneurial and innovation efforts as a way to develop new projects and companies. His efforts are focused building the tools , skills and processes that enable people to make a positive impact on the world. All of the changes we are seeing in the world will find lasting and sustainable solutions by entrepreneurs and innovators creating new pathways to solving complex issues.

By connecting resources, people and projects together and building feedback mechanisms into the conversation, John has shown to make significant impacts on the groups he works with.


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Jara Jager Marketing Event
20 June 2023
Last week we organized an event with Jara Jager from Suit Marketing in corporation with Internations Barcelona.
BarcelonaCoworking.Rocks the perfect location for your events!

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