How to gain freedom from pain event at BarcelonaCoworking.Rocks on Nov 29th 19:00-20:00
Join us for an extraordinary presentation that will help you to find
new strategies to free yourselves from pain and grow greater levels of peace so you don’t lose another day of caring for yourself and your family. 
Discover the power of Functional Neurology to shift your pain and unlock greater peace. Dr Muriel Poli,DC will walk you through this transformative approach that will surprise and edify you. 
Reserve your seat now: 
Whatsapp: +34 62 72 81 395




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Internations 1

Jara Jager Marketing Event
20 June 2023
Last week we organized an event with Jara Jager from Suit Marketing in corporation with Internations Barcelona.
BarcelonaCoworking.Rocks the perfect location for your events!

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